MINUTES OF Kapiti Coast District Council
Paekākāriki Community Board Meeting
HELD AT THE St. Peter's Hall, Beach Road, Paekākāriki
ON Tuesday, 9 June 2020 AT 7.00pm


PRESENT:              Ms Holly Ewens, Ms Tina Pope, Mr Daniel O'Connell, Cr Sophie Handford


IN ATTENDANCE: Natasha Tod (Ms)


APOLOGIES:         K Gurunathan (Mayor), Ms Jessica Hortop


LEAVE OF               Nil



1            Welcome

The meeting opened with a Karakia lead by Cr Handford.

The Chair welcomed Ms Cushla Goodman from Ngati Haumia ki Paekākāriki, welcomed all attendees to the first meeting since the Covid-19 lockdown and declared the meeting open.

2            Apologies

Apologies received from K Gurunathan (Mayor) and Ms Jessica Hortop


3            Declarations of Interest Relating to Items on the Agenda 

The Chair declared conflict of interest in a decision already made during lockdown that was discussed later in the meeting.

Tina Pope noted that she is a member of the Wainuiwhenua Working Group.

4            Public Speaking Time

Spencer Crocker spoke of his concerns regarding Road Safety issues in Paekākāriki. He has concerns regarding the speed limits in Paekākāriki, especially around the school. He wants more pressure to be applied re reducing speed limits around Paekākāriki school.

He raised 4 questions for the Board to consider:

·         How big does the Board think the problem of speeding and dangerous driving, pedestrian and cycle safety in the Paekākāriki community is?

·         What priority does the Board think should be placed on addressing these issues?

·         What is the Board prepared to do about it?

·         How can the community help with this?

The Board had previously asked for facilitated conversation to be held with the community in relation to the Annual Plan for the Beach Road intersection.

The Council is intending to put in a bid for Land Transport funding to upgrade safety around schools and other education centres. Ms Tod will follow up with the Roading Team regarding timeframes for this RLTP process and report back.

The Chair agreed to facilitate a meeting between the Board, Ms Tod and Glen O’Connor of KCDC to discuss this issue.

Jan Nisbet thanked the Board for their response during the Covid-19 lockdown. She spoke on the impacts of Covid-19 on the community’s walking and cycling. She reinforced Mr Crocker’s point of the 40km/hr speed limits at Paekākāriki. She raised the Poplar Avenue/QE2 Park intersection as of particular concern for cyclist safety.

She also reaffirmed her previous concerns about the cycle signs not yet installed on Wellington Road.

Andy Mackay on behalf of Nga Uruora Kapiti Project spoke about the proposal to do work on Ames Street Reserve to support the Hoiho penguins. Ames St Reserve has special conservation qualities including endangered forest. The project proposes that half of the lawn area at Ames St Reserve be planted out in native trees to support the penguins. The Chair has received a report about this and will circulate to the Board.

The Chair asked Ms Tod about the costing of mowing the area and pest control. She will follow up and report back.

The Chair decided to Move Item 7 - Updates to Item 5

5            Members’ Business

(a)             Public Speaking Time Responses

Answers were given to speakers as the questions arose.

(b)             Leave of Absence


(c)              Matters of an Urgent Nature (advise to be provided to the Chair prior to the commencement of the meeting)


(d)             Community Board Members’ Activities

The Chairs report was submitted and she spoke to it, with a particular focus on the Covid-19 support initiatives.

Mr Daniel O’Connell spoke about the Community Sports Bank for sharing used sports gear for children.

6            Reports

6.1         Consideration of Funding Applications


MOVED (Pope/O’Connell)

That the Paekākāriki Community Board declines funding application from Mary Gow for $500 to assist with the production costs of the Mulled Wine concert in Paekākāriki.




MOVED (Chair/Handford)

That the Paekākāriki Community Board approves a funding application from Mr Bob Zuur for $500 to assist with the costs of a photography exhibition entitled “Bubbles of Paekākāriki”.



MOVED (Chair/Handford)

That the Paekākāriki Community Board approves a funding application from Mr Dave Johnson for $500 to assist with the costs of a gift to the owners of Paekākāriki Village Grocery Store for recognition of their service to the Paekākāriki community during the Covid-19 lockdown.



The application from Mr Gilbert for community recognition certificates no longer needs to be considered as the project has received funding elsewhere.



6.2         Consideration for Grants from Campe Estate


MOVED (Pope/Handford))

That the Paekākāriki Community Board ratify the $10,000 Covid-19 emergency funding grant paid to Paekākāriki Informed Communities Inc from the Campe Estate funds during the Covid-19 government lockdown to assist with mobilising significant community initiatives coordinated by the Emergency Preparedness Group alongside the Paekākāriki Community Board.


7            Updates – Moved to Item 5 at the Meeting

7.3         Wainuiwhenua Project

Keith Johnston and Jenny Rowan of the Wainuiwhenua Group spoke to the meeting. At the last meeting in November the project put 9 proposals to the community and it was agreed that the Project should report to the Board regularly. He provided three advancements of the project relating to meetings with Ngati Toa and GWRC, and development of a funding application to be included in the GWRC “jobs for environment” package to MfE.

They advised they may need a community hui in the next couple of months on this project.


7.2         Transmission Gully Project

Darren Utting of Wellington Gateway Partnership presented drone flyover footage of the alignments on the Transmission Gully project and spoke to the footage. The project is working out a new finishing date due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Keith Johnston asked about pedestrian access underneath Bridge 3 to link up the park spaces. There were several questions around public access to historical sites and these are best addressed to Craig Nicholson at NZTA.


7.1         New Zealand Transport Agency

Matt Hunt of NZTA presented about the Wellington Network Operational Readiness Programme. He covered the context and background of the project, and the projected traffic figures for the project completion. He further covered how the heavy vehicle traffic will be impacted.

He confirmed that the Transmission Gully Road will not be tolled.

He advised that NZTA are working on an initiative with Greater Wellington Regional Council to get more people onto public transport.

In response to a question regarding the previously proposed Emerald Glen Weigh Station he advised there will be consultation in July. He was uncertain whether it would be public consultation. He will follow up and report back to the Board about this.

The Revocation project approach is being agreed. NZTA will be working with PCC and KCDC on progressing this.


8            Matters Under Action

8.1         Matters Under Action


That the Community Board note matters under action as circulated with the Agenda.


9            Confirmation of Public Excluded Minutes



Cr Handford led a closing Karakia.


The Paekākāriki Community Board meeting closed at 8.49pm.