MINUTES OF Kapiti Coast District Council
Council Meeting
Thursday, 14 May 2020 AT 9.30am


PRESENT:              Mayor K Gurunathan, Cr Angela Buswell, Cr James Cootes, Cr Jackie Elliott, Cr Gwynn Compton, Cr Jocelyn Prvanov, Cr Martin Halliday, Cr Sophie Handford, Cr Robert McCann, Cr Bernie Randall, Cr Holborow (late)


IN ATTENDANCE: Wayne Maxwell, Natasha Tod, Sean Mallon, Janice McDougall, Mark de Haast, James Jefferson, Tim Power, Jacinta Straker, Tanicka Mason, Grayson Rowse, Angela Bell, Alison Law, Jason Holland, Rupene Waka, Ian Clements, Christine Papps, Jill Griggs, Kathy Spiers, Rob Cross


APOLOGIES:         Deputy Mayor Janet Holborow


LEAVE OF               Nil




1            Welcome


2            Council Blessing

The Mayor welcomed everyone to the meeting and Cr Compton read the Council blessing.

3            Apologies

Resolution  2020/3

Moved:       Mayor K Gurunathan

Seconder:  Cr Gwynn Compton

That apologies from Deputy Mayor Janet Holborow be received and accepted.



4            Declarations of Interest Relating to Items on the Agenda


5            Public Speaking Time for Items Relating to the Agenda


6            Members’ Business

(a)             Public Speaking Time Responses

(b)             Leave of Absence

(c)              Matters of an Urgent Nature (advise to be provided to the Chair prior to the commencement of the meeting)

Matter of an urgent nature

Notification of urgent matter notified to Mayor by Cr McCann.  Councillors McCann, Cootes, Randall, Compton, Prvanov, Hallida spoke to the motion

Resolution  2020/4

Moved:       Cr Robert McCann

Seconder:  Cr James Cootes

a.    That Council directs Martin Jenkins to release the Organisation Review Report within the next 30 days.

b.    That the Report be released at the same time to the Mayor, Councillors, Board Chairs and CEO followed by a briefing of councillors by Report author, Tom Gott.

c.     That the report be released to board members and the public after the briefing of councillors by Mr Gott.

d.    That councillors release a press release following the briefing.

e.    That at an appropriate time, after the release of the Report, the CEO tables a short position paper on the steps needed by management to progress any relevant recommendations made by the Report.

f.      That the Council recognises the uncertainties around the Alert Levels associated with Covid-19 may potentially have a bearing on the above.”




Cr Prvanov entered the meeting at 9.48am

Deputy Mayor Janet Holborow returned to the meeting at 9:50 am.

Cr Elliott entered the meeting at 9.52am.

7            Mayor's Report

7.1         Mayors report

Resolution  2020/5

Moved:       Cr Jackie Elliott

Seconder:  Deputy Mayor Janet Holborow

That the Mayor’s report be received



1        Mayor's Report to 14 May 2020


7.2         Tabling of Letter

Cr Handofrd tabled letter.  Cr Handford, Holborow, Cootes, McCann, Elliott spoke to the report.  Cr Randall requested the resolution in writing.

Resolution  2020/6

Moved:       Cr Sophie Handford

Seconder:  Mayor K Gurunathan

That “A Green Recovery for Kāpiti' Open Letter’ from Low Carbon Kapiti and the Kapiti Climate Climate Action Group be tabled, with the understanding that staff will report on opportunities and issues raised in this Open Letter, during their regular recovery briefings.




8            Reports



8.1         Decision On Proposed District Plan Variation 3 – County Road Ōtaki Low Density Precinct.

Deputy Mayor Janet Holborow declared an interest in this item and took no part in the discussion or voting on the matter.

Jason Holland presented report and took questions from members.

Resolution  2020/7

Moved:       Cr James Cootes

Seconder:  Cr Angela Buswell

a.    The Variation be accepted as notified (set out in Appendix [2]) and that all submissions on the Variation be accepted or rejected to the extent set out in the Commissioners’ report [Appendix 4]; and

b.    Council give notice of its decision on submissions to Variation 3 under Clause 10 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991.



8.2         Submissions and recommendations for proposed Variations 4 (A-H) to the Kapiti Coast District Council Proposed District Plan – Miscellaneous Changes & Corrections

Jason Holland presented report and took questions from members.

Resolution  2020/8

Moved:       Deputy Mayor Janet Holborow

Seconder:  Cr James Cootes


a.    Determine that Variation 4F is to be considered and decided without a hearing pursuant to Clause 8C of Schedule 1;

b.    Adopt the recommendations in the section 42A report to accept the submission in part and to amend the provisions of Variation 4F as recommended, and approve all other Variations as notified in accordance with Clause 10 of Schedule 1;

c.     Adopt the section 32AA evaluation which covers the amendment to Variation 4F.


The meeting adjourned at 11:24 am and resumed at 11.32 am.

8.3         Local Government Funding Agency Amendment to Borrowing Programme

Ian Clements presented the report and answered questions form members.  The Chief Executive replied to questions also.


Resolution  2020/9

Moved:       Cr James Cootes

Seconder:  Cr Angela Buswell


a.    That the Council receives the report on the proposed amendments to the Local Government Funding Agency’s borrowing programme documentation, including the amended and restated documents attached as Appendices 1, 2 and 3 to the report.

b.    That the Council delegates the Mayor, and the Chair of the Strategy and Operations Committee to execute the following deeds:

i.      Amendment and Restatement Deed (Multi-Issuer Deed)

ii.     Amendment and Restatement Deed (Guarantee and Indemnity)

iii.    Amendment and Restatement Deed (Notes Subscription Agreement)

c.     That the Council delegates the Chief Executive to execute the Chief Executive Certificate and such other documents and take such other steps on behalf of Council as the Chief Executive considers necessary to execute the Amendment and Restatement Deeds given above.


Division called:

For:                 Crs K Gurunathan, Janet Holborow, Angela Buswell, James Cootes, Gwynn Compton, Jocelyn Prvanov, Martin Halliday, Sophie Handford, Robert McCann and Bernie Randall

Against:           Cr Jackie Elliott

carried 10/1



8.4         Rates Remission for Conservation Purposes

Resolution  2020/10

Moved:       Cr Jackie Elliott

Seconder:  Deputy Mayor Janet Holborow

That the Council approves the amounts of rates remission to the properties set out in Appendix 2 of this report in accordance with Council’s Policy for Rates Remission for Land Protected for Natural or Cultural Conservation Purposes.




8.5         Submissions on the Government Policy Statement for Land Transport 2021 and Draft New Zealand Rail Plan

Resolution  2020/11

Moved:       Cr Gwynn Compton

Seconder:  Cr James Cootes

That the Council approves the submissions on the GPS 2021 and DNZRP.



9            Confirmation of Minutes

9.1         Confirmation of minutes

Resolution  2020/12

Moved:       Cr James Cootes

Seconder:  Deputy Mayor Janet Holborow


That the minutes of the Emergency Council meeting on 25 March 2020 be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.



Resolution  2020/13

Moved:       Mayor K Gurunathan

Seconder:  Cr Robert McCann


That the minutes of the Council meeting on 30 April 2020 be accepted as a true and correct record of the meeting




10          Public Speaking Time

·                         Covering other items if required

·                         Public Speaking Time responses

11          Confirmation of Public Excluded Minutes


12          Public Excluded Reports 



The Council meeting closed at 11.57am.