MINUTES OF Kapiti Coast District Council
Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti
Council Chamber, Ground Floor, 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu
Tuesday, 4 February 2020 AT 9.30am


PRESENT:              Ms Kirsten Hapeta, Mayor K Gurunathan, Cr James Cootes, Ms Natalia Repia


IN ATTENDANCE: Koro Don Te Maipi, Wayne Maxwell, Janice McDougall, Hamish McGillivray, Suzanne Rushmere, Leyanne Belcher, Tanicka Mason


APOLOGIES:         Mr Rupene Waaka, Ms Naomi Solomon


LEAVE OF               Nil



1            Karakia

The meeting commenced at 9.37am with a Karakia by Koro Don Te Maipi.


That the meeting be chaired by Mayor K Gurunathan.


2            Apologies


That apologies be accepted from Rupene Waaka and Naomi Solomon.


3            Public Speaking Time

Cr Jackie Elliott spoke regarding the Beach Bylaw and asked members to consider if it may be appropriate to use rāhui in relation to driving on beaches. Cr Elliott was thanked for bringing the idea to Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti.

4            Additional Agenda Items


5            Confirmation of Minutes

5.1         Confirmation of minutes

MOVED repia/cootes

That the minutes of the Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti meeting on 26 November 2019 be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.



6            Updates

6.1         NPS-UDC Quarterly Monitoring Report and Annual Update

Hamish McGillivray, Manager Research and Policy, spoke to  presentation and answered members’ questions. There was discussion about pressures on housing affordability and availability. Mr McGillivray was thanked for the presentation which he would provide to members of Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti following the meeting.


6.2         Memorandum of Partnership – Document Review

Leyanne Belcher, Democracy Services Manager, spoke to members about the Memorandum of Partnership Document and the Terms of Reference and Meeting Protocol Document which both have clauses referring to review during the first six months of a new triennium.

There was discussion that time was not the most important factor. That a piece of work to review the Memorandum of Partnership and the Terms of Reference and Meeting Protocol Document needed to be considered and undertaken in the context of wider conversations and other work that was already in progress including the Independent Organsiational Review.

Members requested that the documents be brought back for discussion at the next meeting.



That the Memorandum of Partnership be an item on the agenda for the next meeting of Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti.




The meeting adjourned at 10.38am and resumed at 10.48am


6.3         Sustainable Transport Strategy

Suzanne Rushmere, Roading Network Planner, spoke to a presentation and answered member’s questions.

Members would be invited to a Briefing on this topic taking place on 18 February.

It was confirmed that there was link between the work around the sustainable Transport Strategy, Ōtaki Main Street and the Town Centres project. One important area of a focus was on public transport and shared cycleways.

Members also discussed bilingual signage in Ōtaki.

The presentation would be emailed to members.



7            Reports


8            Matters Under Action

Matters Under Action were discussed.

Members asked that matters under action include the date the item was originally raised, together with an indicative time frame.


9            Iwi Updates

Ngāti Toa Rangatira


Natalia Repia confirmed that there would be confirmation of the names of the Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti representatives prior to the next meeting.

Ngā Hapū o Ōtaki

Nga Hapu o Ōtaki had already confirmed Kirsten Hapeta and Rupene Waaka as the Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti representatives for the new triennium.

There was discussion about an appplication for  liquor License in Otaki and that a number of groups had sent letters of objection. Kirsten Hapeta took the opportunity to support those objections.

Te Ātiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust

There were no updates.



10          Treaty Settlements – overview from each iwi

Ngāti Toa Rangatira

There were no updates.


Te Ātiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust

There were no updates.


Ngā Hapū o Ōtaki

There were no updates.


11          Council Update

Janice McDougall, introduced Iwi Relationships team members Ariana Rewiti and Deanna Rudd.

Members of Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti asked for their thanks to be passed to Helene Davies for her work in the role of Acting Iwi Relationships Manager.

Mrs McDougall acknowledged Waitangi Day commemorations being planned from Paekākāriki and a dedicated and committed group of community volunteers working with Ngāti Haumea.

Staff were requested to bring back an item around opportunity for representation on the Strategy and Operations Committee and other opportunities to the next meeting.


12          Correspondence

There was none.

14          Future Agenda Requests

There were no additional requests.

15          Confirmation of Public Excluded Minutes


16          Public Excluded Reports 



The meeting closed at 11.34am with a karakia by Koro Don Te Maipi.