MINUTES OF Kapiti Coast District Council
Paekākāriki Community Board Meeting
Paekākāriki BOWLING CLUB, Wellington Road, Paekākāriki
Tuesday, 11 February 2020 AT 7.00pm


PRESENT:              Ms Holly Ewens (Chair), Ms Jessica Hortop, Ms Tina Pope, Mr Daniel O'Connell


IN ATTENDANCE: Natasha Tod (Ms), Judy Rennie (Ms)


APOLOGIES:         Nil


LEAVE OF               Cr Sophie Handford



1            Welcome

The meeting opened with a Karakia led by Jessica Hortop.  The Chair asked for everyone to stand and then led a Waiata.

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that the meeting was moved to the Paekākāriki Bowling Club at short notice due to St Peter’s Hall being unavailable. Signs notifying the change of venue had been posted on the doors of St Peter’s Hall. She thanked the Bowling Club for hosting the meeting at short notice and noted it was good to see new faces present and a large turnout.

2            Apologies

An apology from Mayor K Gurunathan was noted.

3            Declarations of Interest Relating to Items on the Agenda 

There were no declarations of interest.

4            Public Speaking Time

Turid Revfeim spoke of her efforts and frustrations in trying to engage with NZTA over the proposed weigh station/commercial vehicle safety centre to be built at Mackays Crossing. The minutes of the 3 December 2019 Community Board meeting state that Graham Taylor of NZTA advised that NZTA would be holding an open day in February to update the community on their proposals. This has not happened and there has been no further consultation by NZTA with the community. She would like to see the criteria of why this site was chosen, a safety assessment report and a geotech report.  She wants a meeting of the wider community and NZTA with DOC, GWRC, LTSA and Police also attending. She also advised she has had no response to her correspondence with MPs or the Trucking Forum.  Ways of escalating the community’s frustration were discussed by the meeting.  Turid Revfeim will send a list of who she has contacted to the Community Board members so a strategy can be worked out and Natasha Tod will contact Graham Taylor and ask why he has not followed up on his undertaking that NZTA would consult with the community.

Joe Whitiker spoke about the bike track from Paekākāriki to Raumati and the overgrown flax bushes which are causing a hazard for cyclists.  Flax leaves wrapped into his bike causing him to have a nasty accident recently.  He would like the flaxes trimmed back or moved away from the track so they are not a hazard to cyclists.

Jan Nisbet asked that the spelling of her name be corrected in the minutes of the last meeting.  She congratulated the Board and all those involved with Waitangi Day and said it was a brilliant Paekākāriki event.  She is concerned the village is looking tatty and sad.  Ocean Road has plants growing over the footpath, the Parade has trees hanging over the footpath and there are overflowing rubbish bins. She wants to know if less hours of work are being provided by Council staff on maintenance around the village.  What the Council does it does well, but she felt overall maintenance has deteriorated. The meeting would like Council to provide information on what maintenance used to be done, what is currently being done and the reasons for the difference in service. It was also noted that sumps used to be cleared before adverse weather events. The Chair advised the meeting of the procedure to put in service requests and about the Antenno App which can be used to lodge service requests.  She will give further details on the Paekākāriki website. The meeting would like to trial some recycling options and would like a Council staff member to be dedicated to Paekākāriki. Natasha Tod will followup with the General Manager of Infrastructure and report back.

Joan Hilder spoke about her vehicle which had had an off-road exemption. To use it on the road again, she required a warrant of fitness so parked it outside the Paekākāriki Garage as there was no space to park it on the garage premises.  She received a parking ticket and was not happy with Council’s approach to people who needed their vehicles serviced by the garage but had to leave them parked on the road outside the garage.

Todd Cameron advised that he had purchased the 1-7 Beach Road shops and will be undertaking extensive work on the Holtom building. This work will take approximately eight to nine months.  The garage will have to move out for the strengthening work.

Item 7.1 was brought forward as one of the presenters had to leave the meeting at 8.00 pm.

5            Updates

7.1         Paekākāriki Surf Lifesaving Club, New Clubhouse; Jenny Rowan, Dale WILLS and Matt Warren

An update on the current situation was tabled for the meeting’s information and the presenters outlined their work on this project to date.  The Surf Club has to move from its current building because of safety issues.  They are working with GWRC on a lease and the location of the new building.  All information about the project is on the Paekākāriki website. The new building will have storage, lifesaving, and Club and community spaces.  They want the community to use the building as well.  Concept drawings have been done and they are now requesting feedback on these.  They would like to know of any issues and are looking for support from the community going forward.  They envisage that the lease and consent process will be completed by the end of the year and the build to be completed in 2022. There will be consultation with neighbours on any impacts. They are consulting with Ngāti Haumia. The Chair advised her latest E-newsletter has information on applying for Lotteries funding.  She will send the E-newsletter to anyone who wishes to receive it if they give her their email address at the end of the meeting otherwise people can signup to receive the E-newsletter on the Paekakariki website: https://paekakariki.nz/ 

6            Public Speaking Time continued…

Graham Coe spoke about the staffing numbers at the Paekākāriki Library located in the Tennis Club building.  The Library is only funded for 10 hours a week.  Graham has been negotiating with the branch librarian on increasing the hours and has been told there is no increased funding for extra hours. He asked through the Chair that Natasha Tod approach the GM responsible for the libraries and find out whether the appropriate staffing level for the Library can be looked into.  He is hoping for a full 40-hour a week service that could include weekends and perhaps be supplemented by volunteer assistance.

Graham Coe advised the Holtom Building is 100 years old this year. Dave Johnson (representing the Museum Trust) and he (representing the Community Trust) are working together with others to celebrate this.  Todd Cameron is also keen to be part of the discussion.

Dale Evans spoke about his concern that Council advertises it has agendas for Council meetings but there are no agendas provided at Council reception for the public. He was advised that printed agendas are no longer being provided.  He wants printed agendas to be provided to the public if they are requested. 

The Chair said she also wants to look at this issue and it was raised with her before the meeting. Councillors have an opt in option if they want printed agendas.  Although being conscious of waste reduction with regards to paper, she feels enough agendas should be provided for these types of meetings. Dissatisfaction with the Council website was also raised as people are finding it very difficult to find information regarding meetings on the website. The Chair noted this and Natasha Tod will followup.

The agenda was reordered and item 6 brought forward.

7            Reports

6.1         The 2009 Beach Bylaw Review Project

Brandy Griffin, Senior Policy Adviser, KCDC, tabled a presentation and spoke to her report on the above Project.  The Project is seeking an understanding of what people are wanting to do on the beach and she encourages everyone to do the survey on the issues. There is a section on the survey for people to add comments or they can email Brandy Griffin direct.  700 people have done the survey to date and it will run until March 2020.  The survey is anonymous.There is a link to the survey and other information regarding this project on the Paekākāriki website and any further updates will be posted there. The Libraries have hard copies of the survey.  Dogs on beaches are covered by the Dogs Bylaw. 


Moved:      Ms Holly Ewens

Seconder: Ms Jessica Hortop

That the Paekākāriki Community Board note this progress update on the 2009 Beach Bylaw Review Project.


8            Updates continued…

7.2         Community–led coastal adaptation programme update

The Coastal Manager, Lyndsey Craig, was unable to attend the meeting to present on the above due to sickness so Natasha Tod gave an update. Takutai Kāpiti: Climate Change and Our Coast Summit launches a community-led approach to exploring how we want to respond as our coastline changes over time. The Climate Change Summit will be held on 8 March 2020 at Ngā Purapura, 145 Tasman Road, Ōtaki.  National and local leaders, and climate experts will speak at the Summit. The overarching theme for the day will be climate change, coastal adaptation and building community resilience.  Further information on the Summit is available on the Takutai Kāpiti website: www.Takutaikapiti.nz regarding the programme for the day, speakers and a free shuttle service between Raumati and Otaki to the event.  The Summit and community event are the first steps in the community-led process for responding to coastal change in our district as well as opening up the wider climate change conversation. The Summit will also be an opportunity for the community to tell us how they’d like to participate in the community-led coastal adaptation process going forward. A programme of grass-roots workshops and activities will take place over the weeks following the Summit. All these opportunities with be used to gather feedback and questions, and feed them into the process.


In response to a question, Brandy Griffin will talk further to Jessica Hortop after this meeting regarding talking to the Paekākāriki School about climate change/ Beach Bylaw issues so the children have access to good information.

7.3         Presentation: Introduction to WREMO by Renee Corlett

Renee Corlett gave an introduction to WREMO.  Her role is to work with communities to build resilience and she would like to meet with the Community Board to brainstorm ideas on what projects could be implemented that are community-led and community-wide.  She felt Paekākāriki had a great community feel and spirit, and works well together. She advised that WREMO is solely an advisory body and gives advice to Council on the best way to be prepared for an emergency so its obligations under the Civil Defence Act are covered.  WREMO does not have any funding or budget.  The Council, through its CDEM portfolio holder James Jefferson, General Manager of Place and Space, has a small CDEM budget.  Renee Corlett would like to know what Paekākāriki needs as a community and she will endeavour to support this.  She will come to our next meeting to discuss further.

9            Members’ Business

(a)             Public Speaking Time Responses

Answers were given to speakers as the questions arose.

(b)             Leave of Absence

There were none.

(c)              Matters of an Urgent Nature (advice to be provided to the Chair prior to the commencement of the meeting)

There were none.

(d)             Community Board Members’ Activities

The Chair has had meetings with Brandy Griffin on the Beach Bylaw Review and the Surf Club regarding the new clubrooms, and has been working on the Paekākāriki E-newsletter and the Waitangi Day event.  She will endeavour to get the E-newsletter out before each Community Board meeting.  The Community Board worked very hard to make the Waitangi Day event the success it was.  She also wanted it noted that Margaret Sweetman and Helene Davis from Council went above and beyond to make this a great event.  She is proud of what Paekākāriki as a whole achieved that day.

Jessica Hortop has been very involved with the Waitangi Day celebrations.

Tina Pope has been involved with Waitangi Day, and attended meetings with Wainuiwhenua, the Surf Club, and Ngāti Haumia explaining the Annual Plan and offering assistance on making submissions. She has also been looking at a potential community notice board and making service requests.

Daniel O’Connell was involved with the Waitangi Day event.  He and Tina Pope are meeting with Shelly Warwick of the Otaki Community Board tomorrow to gain a better understanding regarding Annual Plan and Long Term Plan processes.  He would like to build a good relationship with the Otaki Community Board. 

The meeting felt it would be nice to get all the Community Boards together for an informal gathering to meet each other and gain an understanding of each other’s issues.  However Paekākāriki Community Board members all work and so have limited time availability.  One representative from each Board getting together could be another option.

10          Confirmation of Minutes

8.1         Confirmation of minutes


Moved:      Ms Tina Pope

Seconder: Mr Daniel O'Connell

That the minutes of the Paekākāriki Community Board meeting on 3 December 2019 be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.


11          Matters Under Action

9.1         Matters Under Action

Natasha Tod gave an update:

Item 1: Building consent issued and work underway on collation of documentation required for preparation of the tender documents.

Item 3: Sarah Ropata will give us an update at the next Community Board meeting on 24 March.

Item 6: Still waiting for a response from GWRC.

Item 7: A Wainuiwhenua Project update is on the Council agenda for 27 February.

It was requested that a new item be added to the list – “Proposed weigh station/commercial vehicle safety centre”.  This will monitor NZTA’s response to the community’s concerns regarding consultation. 


The Chair acknowledged and thanked Councillor Halliday for his attendance at the meeting and advised that this was Judy Rennie’s last meeting as Community Board Secretary as she was leaving Council. She thanked her for her services to the Community Board and invited everyone to stay for a cup of tea. 

Jessica Hortop led a closing Karakia.

The Paekākāriki Community Board meeting closed at 9.00pm.