MINUTES OF Kapiti Coast District Council
Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board Meeting
ON Tuesday, 10 December 2019 AT 7.00pm


PRESENT:              Mr Jonny Best, Mr Guy Burns, Ms Kathy Spiers, Ms Grace Lindsay, Cr Martin Halliday, Cr Bernie Randall


IN ATTENDANCE: Mark de Haast (Mr), Tracey Waye (Ms)


APOLOGIES:          Nil


LEAVE OF Nil                                                                                


1          Welcome

The meeting started at 7:00pm with Mr Mark de Haast, Group Manager Corporate Services, in the role of Chair as the Chief Executive’s nominee.

Mr de Haast welcomed everyone to the first Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board meeting of the new triennium, congratulated new and returning Elected Members on their appointments, and declared the meeting open.

Declaration of Office

All Community Board members and the Ward Councillors spoke to their declarations of office and signed the appropriate declaration, which were witnessed by Mr de Haast as the Chief Executive’s nominee.

Explanation of Legislation for New Elected Members

Mr de Haast read out a general explanation of laws relevant to the Elected Members’ role.



That Elected Members of the 2019-2022 Triennium note the general explanation of legislation provided by the Chief Executive pursuant to Section 21 of Schedule 7, Local Government Act 2002.





That the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board adopts System B as outlined in clause 25 of Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002 for the election of the Board’s Chair and Deputy Chair for the 2019-2022 Triennium.



That, using System B, Kathy Spiers is elected as Chair of the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board for the 2019-2022 Triennium.


Mr Best and Ms Lindsay abstained from voting.


Mrs Spiers chaired the meeting from this point and called for nominations for Deputy Chair.

Mr Best nominated Ms Grace Lindsay.

Cr Randall nominated Mr Guy Burns.

The Chair asked those Board members who supported Ms Lindsay as Deputy Chair to raise their hands – those in support were Mr Best, Cr Halliday and Ms Lindsay.

The Chair asked those Board members who supported Mr Burns as Deputy Chair to raise their hands – those in support were Mrs Spiers, Mr Burns and Cr Randall.

Because the numbers in support of each nominee were equal the tie was resolved by lot, with Mr Burns being successful.


That, using System B, Guy Burns is elected as Deputy Chair of the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board for the 2019-2022 Triennium.


2          Apologies

There were none.

3          Declarations of Interest Relating to Items on the Agenda 

There were none.

4          Public Speaking Time

Amanda Dixson spoke to the grant application from the Kapiti Songsters Choir for funds to assist with the cost of hall hire for their rehearsal sessions and community concerts.

Josette Howell spoke about road safety on Rosetta, Garden and Matatua Roads, stating that the changes as a result of the recent speed review had not brought about the improvements required. She asked that Council management implement further speed trials, relocate speed limit signs and install pedestrian crossings; she also made suggestions for improving parking.

Cr Randall said he understood a report on this matter would be coming to Council early next year.

John Taylor and Lynn Sleath introduced themselves as members of Kapiti Cycling Action (KCA). They explained what the KCA group does, and outlined key issues the group has identified, including the need for a debrief following the completion of the Stride n Ride track installation, vehicular speeds through Raumati, and the poor setup of the cycling routes in Raumati compared with, for example, Paraparaumu Beach.

Kevin Burrows spoke on behalf of Grey Power, advising they had recently run a series of community workshops about Age Friendly Communities. He described the issues that had been identified at the Paraparaumu workshop, and advised there would be further analysis of the workshop outcomes next year. Grey Power are also keen to work with the Youth Council to see how they can work together. He noted the Mayor’s election promise to devolve more responsibility to Community Boards, and asked how that was to be done.

Mike Alexander spoke about the figures presented on agenda pages 61 and 63, saying the numbers had been transposed. [These figures were subsequently checked and Mr Alexander’s comment is incorrect].

He then gave a history of the Maungakotukutuku valley and spoke of his concerns for safety caused by speeding drivers and poor visibility. He thought the speed limit needed to be reduced, signage needs to be relocated and vegetation trimmed. He then offered his property to the local 4 x 4 club and for training off-road drivers. 

Jason Lisette distributed a letter and photographs outlining the current unsafe state of Maungakotukutuku Road. He described his concerns which included verge hacking, burnt out vehicles and dumping of both rubbish and vehicles. He asked for the Community Board to arrange for residents to have a meeting with the Police to discuss problems in the area. Cr Halliday advised he would be interested in meeting with Mr Lisettte to discuss further.

A member of the public advised that he and a number of others in the public gallery tonight were supportive of the matters raised by Mr Alexander and Mr Lisette.

Alan Tristram spoke on behalf of the organisation ROBB (Restore Our Book Budget). He read out a letter from Christopher Ruthe, who was unable to attend the meeting, about the recent reduction in the libraries book budget. He stated the best way to get action is for the Community Board to pass a resolution demanding immediate restoration; he then read out a suggested motion.

Responses from Board members included questions about the other Council budgets which had also been reduced; that the reduced budget was only temporary; that there were a number of books currently in storage and that there are a large number of books in the wider Wellington region that were available by request.

A member of the public spoke in support of Mr Tristram.

Cr Elliott, from the public gallery, provided an explanation of why the Council made the decision about the book budget, and confirmed the full budget would be available in the next financial year; she also stated that anecdotally she had heard that the temporary pop-up library space was very popular.

Geoffrey Churchman introduced himself as a member of the Waikanae Community Board. He began by refuting the statement made by Cr Elliott, stating that Waikanae people wanted a proper library, not a tiny facility as is currently in place. He then spoke in support of Margaret Stevenson-Wright, a fellow Waikanae Community Board member, who was seeking nomination as the New Zealand Community Boards Executive Committee Zone representative.

Rob Scriven introduced himself as the Chair of the Kapiti Basketball Association, speaking on behalf of about 15 sporting groups and community clubs who were strongly advocating for the need for an indoor sports/community centre. He asked the Community Board to champion the idea of approaching the Council to carry out a feasibility report. He outlined the points the report should cover and an estimated budget and timeframe. He believed that the feasibility study would enable Council to make a fully informed evidence-based decision about whether the proposal was worth pursuing.

In answer to questions from Board members Mr Scriven advised the ideal location would be determined by the stakeholders; the college halls currently available were generally overbooked and/or needed significant repairs. Facilities that will eventually become available at Otaraua Park are too far in the future.

Sylvia Hill shared her vision for sharing the message of kindness and respect throughout the country. She has designed a poster and had 1,000 copies printed, and would like to make the poster available to everyone in the district. She was seeking support from the Council to have the posters displayed in a range of places such as public toilets, schools, medical centres and everywhere else that people gather. There are both posters and small cards available. She left the posters and cards at the meeting and invited people to take one.

She noted she had been told to approach the Council’s Property Team but had yet to receive a reply.

Cr Halliday said he would like to introduce Ms Hill to the Kindness Trust and others.

Dale Evans spoke about the basketball court on Marine Parade, saying it should not have been placed near a street as there have been a number of occasions where a ball had gone onto the road, which was very dangerous. He then referred to two culverts on Marine Parade which he had been advised would cost $300,000 each and asked the Board to find out whether the funding for that work had been allocated.

Cr Randall said he had been assured by Council staff that the location of the basketball court meant balls would not run out onto the road, and he agreed to follow up.

5          Members’ Business

(a)               Public Speaking Time Responses

Ms Dixson was advised that grant applications would be considered shortly.

Ms Howell was told that the Council was currently carrying out traffic flow surveys and were also forwarding concerns about speeding to the Police. Mrs Spiers advised there was a Community Board workshop being held next week so the matter will be raised then.

Mr Taylor and Mr Sleath were advised that Mrs Spiers intended to invite representatives from the Greater Wellington Regional Council to provide a presentation to the Board on bus stops, bus routes and patronage.

Mr Burrows was advised the Board would review the information once collated by Grey Power, and would see how they might be able to help with the Annual Plan process.

Mr Alexander was told that the Board would consider his requests, including discussion with the Police.

Mr Tristram was advised there was a Notice of Motion on the agenda which would address the matter raised.

Mr Churchman was told that Board members would consider his submission; there was only one representative on the committee and therefore all four Community Boards needed to agree on who that representative would be.

Mr Scriven was advised there was a Notice of Motion on the agenda which would address the matter raised.

Ms Hill was thanked for her initiative and confirmed that Board members would spread the word of kindness.

Mr Evans was advised that Board members would look into the matters raised.

(b)               Leave of Absence

There was no leave of absence requested.

(c)               Matters of an Urgent Nature (advice to be provided to the Chair prior to the commencement of the meeting)

There were none.

(d)               Community Board Members’ Activities

Cr Halliday noted that the Community Board had been proactive in helping with the Christmas Fantastical event, which had had some consenting issues that have now been addressed.

Mr Best noted that he had been attending the park public consultation meetings.

6          Reports

6.3         Consideration of Applications for Funding

moved (randall/burns)

That the Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board grants Kapiti Songsters Choir $500 to assist with hall hire for their rehearsal sessions and community concerts.




MOVED (burns/halliday)

That the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board makes the following appointments for the 2019-2022 Triennium:

The appointment of Grace Lindsay to the Grants Allocation Subcommittee in respect of the Waste Levy grants programme, with Jonny Best as the alternate.



The appointment of Jonny Best to the Kāpiti Coast Aircraft Noise Community Liaison Group, with Kathy Spiers as the alternate.




moved (halliday/lindsay)

That the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board adopts the schedule for its meetings in 2020 as set out in Attachment 1 of this report ‘Draft Calendar of Meetings 2020’.




moved (burns/lindsay)

That the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board notes the information on Board remuneration in the report ‘Community Board Remuneration 2019-2020’.






Committee Resolution  2019/5

Moved:       Cr Bernie Randall

Seconder:  Mr Guy Burns

That the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board requests the Council to restore the reduction in the book budget for the Paraparaumu Library made in the last Annual Plan.



A division was called for:


For – Cr Randall, Cr Halliday, Mr Burns, Mrs Spiers

Against – Mr Best, Ms Lindsay



The Chair advised that as the mover of the second Notice of Motion, she had circulated an amendment for Board members’ consideration. Before putting the amendment, she asked Board members whether there were any further amendments required. There were none and the motion was put but was not seconded.


The Chair asked for a Board member to move the original Notice of Motion. There was no mover.


Committee Resolution  2019/6

Moved:       Ms Kathy Spiers

Seconder:  Cr Martin Halliday

That the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board requests that the Council funds a feasibility study for an Indoor Sports Stadium and Community Centre to be developed on the Kapiti Coast; and that the matter be left to lie on the table for further discussion.



Mr Best requested that his vote against the above resolution be recorded.

7          Matters Under Action

Before Board members considered the items already listed in the Matters Under Action register, they discussed the issues about the Maungakotukutuku valley raised by a member of the public at this evening’s meeting. They noted two action items that had been requested of the Board:

i)            That the Community Board helps to facilitate a meeting between residents/land owners at Maungakotukutuku Valley and the NZ Police; and

ii)          That the Community Board organises a report summarising road complaints, service requests and general complaints about the Maungakotukutuku Valley that the Kapiti Coast District Council has received over the last 12 months.

Board members requested the above items be added to the Matters Under Action register, plus a third item noting that Maungakotukutuku Valley residents and land owners are to be kept informed of progress to address those matters.

Mr de Haast advised the Board that action (ii) would instead be treated as an Official Information Request and a response would be duly provided to Mr Lisette.


The Matters Under Action report was taken as read and the following points were made:

Town Centres project – Cr Randall advised that Jenny Rowan had requested a meeting with Council staff regarding bus phasing and the pedestrian crossing at the Paraparaumu railway station.


Redevelopment Plan for Maclean Park – Cr Randall noted that he was unhappy with the art work that had been selected. The Board noted Mr Evans’ concern about safety of the basketball court and the Board agreed this needed looking into; this would be added to the register. Mr Evans’ question about culverts would also be added. Cr Halliday noted the Board had not been consulted but felt they should have been, as key stakeholders.


Poplar Tree Plantings at Poplar Avenue – Board members noted that Greater Wellington Regional Council were to begin consultation before Christmas; they asked to be advised when the consultation would begin and whether Board members would be able to contribute.


Street improvements at Raumati Beach Village – Board members asked Mr Bede Laracy, from the public gallery, for his opinion on the work done. Mr Laracy said the work was completed within the time frames given, and with a noted lack of complaint.


Board members requested that this item be removed from the Matters Under Action register as soon as the work was confirmed to have been completed.


Saturday Market Policy – Mr de Haast advised that this was now included in Council’s  Policy Work Programme , commencing in March 2020 and due for completion by February 2021.


Te Newhanga Kapiti Community Centre – Mr de Haast advided that he was not aware  of any new damage reported following the weekend’s heavy rain. Cr Randall asked for a copy of the report showing the outcome of air quality testing which had been carried out in October. Mr de Haast agreed to follow up.


Board members asked for the time frame for the decision on the long term use of the building. Mr de Haast advised that  would be coming to the a report to Council with various options for the future of the building would be tabled at some point in the new year.


Surplus NZTA Land in Raumati South – the Chair noted the process was still being worked through.



The Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board meeting closed at 9.29pm.