MINUTES OF Kapiti Coast District Council
Paekākāriki Community Board Meeting
HELD AT THE St Peter's Hall, Beach Road, Paekākāriki
ON Tuesday, 3 December 2019 AT 7.00pm


PRESENT:              Ms Holly Ewens, Ms Jessica Hortop, Ms Tina Pope, Mr Daniel O'Connell,     Cr Sophie Handford


IN ATTENDANCE: Natasha Tod (Ms), Judy Rennie (Ms)


APOLOGIES:         Nil


LEAVE OF               Nil



1            Welcome

The meeting opened with a Karakia led by Ms Hortop.

Natasha Tod, Group Manager Regulatory Services, as the Chief Executive’s nominee, welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the 2019-2022 triennium and declared the meeting open.  She congratulated Community Board members on their appointment and welcomed Jenny Rowan and Keith Johnston representing the Wainuiwhenua Group and Graham Taylor, Principal Project Manager, NZTA.

Ms Tod’s role was to officiate until the election of the Chair and the agenda was reordered to accommodate this.

Community Board members made and signed their declarations of office.

Ms Tod, on behalf of the Chief Executive, provided Elected Members with an explanation of legislation.




MOVED (Ewens/Hortop)


That Elected members of the 2019-2022 Triennium note the general explanation of legislation provided by the Chief Executive pursuant to Section 21 of Schedule 7, Local Government Act 2002.







MOVED (Ewens/pope)

That the Paekākāriki Community Board adopts System B as outlined in clause 25 of Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002 for the election of the Board’s Chair and Deputy Chair for the 2019-2022 Triennium.


MOVED (Pope/Hortop)

That, using System B, Ms Holly Ewens is elected as Chair of the Paekākāriki Community Board for the 2019-2022 Triennium.



Ms Tod handed over to the Chair, Ms Ewens, for the remainder of the meeting.


MOVED (Ewens/O’Connell)

That, using System, B Tina Pope is elected as Deputy Chair of the Paekākāriki Community Board for the 2019-2022 Triennium.



The meeting was invited by the Chair, Ms Ewens, to join in the singing of a Waiata.



MOVED (Ewens/Handford)


That the Paekākāriki Community Board appoints the Chair as the Board’s representative to the Strategy and Operations Committee for the 2019-2022 Triennium.




MOVED (Ewens/Hortop)

That the Paekākāriki Community Board appoints the Chair as the Board’s representative to the Audit and Risk Committee for the 2019-2022 Triennium.



2            Apologies

There were none. An apology from K Gurunathan (Mayor) was noted.

3            Declarations of Interest Relating to Items on the Agenda 

Tina Pope declared she was a member of the Wainuiwhenua Working Group.


4            Public Speaking Time


Lynn Sleath of Kāpiti Cycling Action spoke to the meeting. Kāpiti Cycling Action advocates to ensure safer cycling, proper cycleways, sensible speed limits and more shared pathways in the district and is heavily involved in working on such matters with NZTA and on revocation.

Mark Amery of Kāpiti Informed Community Inc. (PICI), which looks after the Village website, spoke about how access to digital information varies and his interest in people being able to access information.  He is working on a joint survey to get an idea of people’s access to information and would like feedback from the meeting attendees and the community. The Chair advised the Board will work on an engagement strategy and will work with him outside this meeting.

Steve Eckett congratulated the new Board members on their election.  He spoke about the Pohutukawa trees at Campbell Park.  He would like the Council to review whether most of them need removing as they are dangerous.  Some may be able to be saved but most look like they are beyond redemption.

Turid Revfeim spoke of her concerns regarding the proposed weigh station/commercial vehicle safety centre to be built at Mackays Crossing.  She has safety concerns regarding the size of the shed and the number of trucks passing through the roundabout to Emerald Glen Road.  She wants consultation with NZTA and to put the word out to all users of Queen Elizabeth Park to advocate for a better site for the weigh station.  She will keep the Board posted on how it can help.

Graham Coe on behalf of the Community Trust congratulated the new Board members on their election.  He said the next three years were exciting for the Village with the road changes.  He is opposed to revocation of the state highway status of the Coast Road as the hill road and coast road will become major tourism routes. He felt the proposed Weigh Station is revocation by stealth and Council should be aware of this. He advised that the Community Trust has received $50,000 for the St Peters Hall floor.

Jan Nisbet spoke about her concerns that cycle signs on the crest of the hill on Wellington Road plus up the hill on Beach Road have not been installed yet.  The signs are necessary to make people aware of cyclists.  Ms Tod will follow up with the Roading Team and report back.


Cory Hope of Paekākāriki Orchards and Gardens Group spoke regarding a request for a grant of $500.00 to assist with the costs of building a shed at the Community Orchard.

Item 6.3 of the agenda was brought forward. The Community Board advised they had met to discuss the grant applications prior to this meeting.

6.3         Consideration of Funding Applications

MOVED (Pope/O’Connell)

That the Paekākāriki Community Board approves a funding application from Paekākāriki Orchards and Gardens Group for $500.00 to assist with the costs of building a shed at the Community Orchard.


MOVED (Ewens/Pope)

That the Paekākāriki Community Board approves a funding application from Ngā Uruora – Kāpiti Project for $500.00 to assist with the costs of purchasing plants for the Waikākāriki Wetland.




5            Members’ Business

(a)             Public Speaking Time Responses

Answers were given to speakers as the questions arose.

(b)             Leave of Absence

There were none.

(c)              Matters of an Urgent Nature (advice to be provided to the Chair prior to the commencement of the meeting)

              There were none.

(d)             Community Board Members’ Activities

The Chair spoke of the aspirations of the Community Board.  The Board is looking at trying to find new ways of engaging with the community.  She asked people to fill out a survey on the table by the entranceway on this matter.  She is looking at starting an E-newsletter as newsletter paper drops are not economic.  Once a good site is found the Board would like to put up a community notice board.  The Board is looking at ways to engage with people that don’t normally engage with the Community Board and welcomes feedback.

The Community Board met with the Paekākāriki Services Club and will be giving the Paekākāriki School a grant of $4,500.00 towards the installation of solar panels for the School.  The Community Board would also support an application from the School for a Community Board grant of $500.00 in the new year to also go towards the installation of the solar panels.

6            Reports



Wainuiwhenua Project


Jenny Rowan and Keith Johnston of the Wainuiwhenua Group spoke to the meeting.  They tabled information on the Wainuiwhenua Project which included background information, where the Project was to date and a resolution for the Community Board to consider.  They also tabled their November 2019 consultation document and Wainuiwhenua Online Survey Results Summary.  They advised their proposals have been unanimously supported by community huis. 400 hectares could be available and this land could become a significant regional park. The Project is looking at resilience, environmental values, revegetation, better water and wetlands, a recreational area and perhaps the possibility of small areas of housing on the flat parts. The survey results show strong support but there are questions on some areas of the proposal. There is a Council meeting in February where this Project proposal will be discussed.


MOVED (Handford/Ewens)


That the Paekākāriki Community Board fully endorses the aims of the Wainuiwhenua Working Group to keep surplus land from the Transmission Gully project, as detailed in their discussion document, to ensure this land is kept in public hands and to achieve the Group’s vision of environmental and public benefit activities.


That the Paekākāriki Community Board actively encourages the Kāpiti Coast District Council to join with the Wainuiwhenua Working Group in the next stage of investigating the feasibility of this project and that this relationship be formalised with a Memorandum of Understanding.


That the Wainuiwhenua Project becomes a separate Matter Under Action item on the Community Board agenda to keep the community involved and updated on the progress of this project.




NZTA Update


Graham Taylor and Ulvi Salayev of NZTA attended the meeting to inform the Board about a proposed Weigh Station/Vehicle Safety Centre at Mackays Crossing.  Mr Taylor described the Weigh Station and its purpose. Overloaded trucks are more at risk of rolling over (by 25%) and are a safety risk on roads.  The proposed Weigh Station would be used in conjunction with effective technology to be better targeted than the current Plimmerton Weigh Station.  At a similar weigh station in Christchurch, 94% of trucks being pulled in are getting infringements.  This has proven a significant deterrent to overloading trucks in that area.  Of the 20% of all trucks that are overweight, 60% of them have other faults as well.  The latest new technology detects 100% of these issues. There will be plates in the road for weighing and cameras will read registrations. The facility is to replace the one at Plimmerton and finding solid ground in the area has been very difficult as the plates in the ground have to be level within a 1.5mm tolerance level.  A weigh station has to be situated at a location trucks can’t avoid.


The Chair raised the consultation process.  She said the community was only finding out now about the proposal and had a lot of questions.  There is a high level of concern about the proposal because of the level of recreational activity at Queen Elizabeth Park. Mr Taylor said a preliminary design has been sent to a safety auditor who is reviewing safety aspects of the proposal and no safety concerns have been raised so far.


NZTA is looking at a number of sites and in February they are holding an open day to inform the community of their findings.


The Board asked that NZTA keep them informed of where the process is at and what is happening and when.  Mr Taylor agreed to update the Board on a regular basis.  The Board said they would like a range of possibilities and not to be presented with what the NZTA decides is the best site.  The NZTA is looking at 16 sites and will detail the selection process that they go through. All sites will be fully assessed taking into account geotechnical aspects, traffic volumes and safety.  


The Deputy Mayor, Cr Holborow, requested that there be early consultation with the Council as well as the community, and asked that the discussion be kept ongoing.


The Chair thanked Mr Taylor and Mr Salayev for attending the meeting and updating the Board.



MOVED (Ewens/Pope)

That the Paekākāriki Community Board adopts the schedule for its meetings in 2020 as set out in Attachment 1 of this report ‘Community Board Draft Calendar of Meetings’.




MOVED (Hortop/Pope)

That the Paekākāriki Community Board notes the information on Board remuneration in the report ‘Community Board remuneration 2019-2020’.




Remuneration for Community Board members is set by the Remuneration Authority.  It was asked that Council encourage the Remuneration Authority to consider how the assumptions on which remuneration is based are arrived at as the work is not less because of a Community Board representing a smaller population.

7            Matters Under Action

7.1         Matters UnDer Action


Ms Tod spoke on the Matters Under Action circulated with the Agenda. 

1.       Coastal Protection Upgrade

          Building consent for seawall issued.

          2.      Vacant House Te Miti Street

          Council considered the disposal of this property at its Public Excluded meeting on 6 December 2018. Further The Trust in its submission to the Annual Plan in April 2019 requested that the Council dispose of the property at nominal value.  Councillors considered this submission but declined it noting that Council will discuss options for disposal of property in Paekakariki with the Housing Trust.  Discussions with the Housing Trust still need to take place.

          3.       Transmission Gully Project

          The Surplus Land Project is now listed as a separate item (Wainuiwhenua Project under item 7 below).

          4.       Revocation

          Staff are seeking an update from NZTA on this.  Potential for further delay in the road opening will impact on revocation.  There is a lack of clarity from NZTA around timing and other information.  The Board will continue to invite NZTA to these meetings and encourage staff to seek updates. Revocation and the proposed Weigh Station are big issues for the Village.


5.       Ian’s Coffee Site

          No further update.

6.       Queen Elizabeth Beachfront

          Ms Tod is waiting on a response from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) to her email.

          The meeting was advised that the ramp outside the Surf Club has collapsed and is dangerous.  The Surf Club has been in consultation with GWRC and the community is concerned for health and safety reasons. Ms Tod will follow up with GWRC.

7.       Wainuiwhenua Project

          A paper is going to Council in February 2020 on the proposal.



It was suggested by an attendee at the meeting that the Chair (Darren Ponter) and other relevant GWRC Councillors be invited to a Community Board meeting next year to speak on climate and coastal issues.

Ms Hortop led a closing Karakia.


The Paekākāriki Community Board meeting closed at 8.55 pm.