MINUTES OF Kapiti Coast District Council
Waikanae Community Board Meeting
Waikanae Community Centre, Utauta Street, Waikanae
Tuesday, 19 November 2019 AT 7.00pm


PRESENT:              Mr James Westbury, Ms Margaret Stevenson-Wright, Mr Geoffrey Churchman, Ms Jill Griggs, Cr Jocelyn Prvanov


IN ATTENDANCE: K Gurunathan (Mayor), James Jefferson (Mr), Tracey Waye (Ms)


APOLOGIES:         Nil


LEAVE OF               Nil



1            Welcome

The meeting started at 7:00pm with Mr James Jefferson, Group Manager Place and Space, in the role of Chair as the Chief Executive’s nominee.

Mr Jefferson welcomed everyone to the first Waikanae Community Board meeting of the new triennium, congratulated new and returning Elected Members on their appointments and declared the meeting open.

Declarations of Office

All Community Board members and the Ward Councillor spoke their declarations of office and signed the appropriate declaration, which were witnessed by Mr Jefferson as the Chief Executive’s nominee.

Explanation of Legislation for new Elected Members

Mr Jefferson read out a general explanation of laws relevant to the Elected Members’ role.




That Elected Members of the 2019-2022 Triennium note the general explanation of legislation provided by the Chief Executive’s nominee pursuant to Section 21 of Schedule 7, Local Government Act 2002.






That the Waikanae Community Board adopts System B as outlined in clause 25 of Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002 for the election of the Board’s Chair and Deputy Chair for the 2016-2019 Triennium.


MOVED (griggs/stevenson-wright)

That, using System B, James Westbury is elected as Chair of the Waikanae Community Board for the 2019-2022 Triennium.



That, using System B, Jill Griggs is elected as Deputy Chair of the Waikanae Community Board for the 2019-2022 Triennium.



Mr Westbury chaired the meeting from this point and welcomed everyone to the meeting, including the Mayor and Councillors in attendance.

2            Apologies

There were no apologies.

3            Declarations of Interest Relating to Items on the Agenda 

There were no declarations of interest.

4            Public Speaking Time

Mr Allan Carley spoke to the grant application from Discover Kapiti Heritage Group, for funds to assist with the cost of promoting a history and heritage event to be run over Wellington Anniversary weekend in January 2020.

Ms Maha Fier spoke to the grant application from the Environmental Mentoring Group between Paraparaumu College and Waikanae School, for funds to assist with the cost of providing sustainable stationery packs to students at Waikanae School.

Cr Prvanov acknowledged Maha’s activities during the year and congratulated her on receiving the Jane Goodall Institute of NZ Trailblazer award, and more recently the Kiwibank Local Hero Medal recipient (along with Sophie Handford).

Mr Lynne Sleath and Mr Bruce Henderson introduced themselves as Secretary and Chair (respectively) of Kapiti Cycling Action (KCA). They explained what the KCA group does, and outlined some of the key issues the group has identified. They also noted there was no Waikanae Community Board representative on the Council’s Road Safety Action Group and asked if this could be reviewed.

Cr Prvanov asked for the key issues to be emailed to the Chair.

The Chair acknowledged the points raised and confirmed the Board would work with KCA to look for solutions. He invited KCA to attend Board meetings regularly to provide the Board with an update on their activities.

Mr Kevin Burrows spoke on behalf of Grey Power, advising they were running a series of community workshops about Age Friendly Communities, and inviting Board members to attend. In Waikanae the meeting is on Tuesday 3 November at 10am, at the Baptist church. Mr Burrows also advised that he was hoping to present a paper to the Council next year about Age Friendly Cities.

Cr Janet Holborow advised the Board that she held the Arts portfolio on Council and was the Council representative on the Mahara Gallery Trust Board. She extended regards and congratulations from the Trust Board, who were keen to work closely with the Community Board, particularly on the Mahara Gallery Upgrade project. Cr Holborow is also on the Public Art Panel which is progressing some mural work in Mahara Place; she then advised there is a piece of work happening within Council to simplify the process for smaller community art work and murals around the district.  

Mr Gerald Rys spoke on behalf of the Waikanae Beach Residents Society. He then outlined the key issues identified by the group and referred to the 25 actions identified in the “Future of Waikanae Beach” booklet. He noted that the Society would like to see increased collaboration and partnership between the Council/Community Board and community groups – ideally at the beginning of a process or project rather than at the end. 

The Chair encouraged members of the Society to review the 25 actions referred to, and suggested some of them could be completed relatively easily and the rest could be prioritised. Mr Churchman stated he was sympathetic to the issues raised by the Society, and said that the Beach Zone pays a disproportionately high share of rates to the Council and receives a disproportionately low share of capital expenditure.

Ms Ruth Robertson-Taylor and Ms Cat Taylor spoke about the mural that is to be painted on two walls of the Waikanae Library, facing Mahara Square. They displayed a variety of images showing the different types of art work that could be used, and invited Board members to provide feedback.

The Chair advised that Board members would meet separately to establish who on the Board would liaise back to Ruth and Cat, and also to discuss how best to engage the community as part of their deliberations. Ms Robertson-Taylor provided her contact details to the Board secretary for forwarding to Board members.

Mr Quentin Poole spoke about the Council’s roading plans in Waikanae, and the proposed cost of the works. He advised that he had spoken with a roading engineer from Palmerston North City Council who had stated that their costs for similar work are considerably less than ours, and suggested the Community Board should follow this up. He also noted that Annual Plan considerations were coming up next year, and urged the Board to consult with their community openly and widely.

The Chair noted Mr Poole’s concerns and assured him the Board was committed to asking appropriate questions of Council and being fully informed of Council’s plans, and confirmed their intent to work with the community widely to identify issues and priorities to be included in the Council’s planning processes.

5            Members’ Business

(a)             Public Speaking Time Responses

All public speakers had been responded to at the time of speaking.

The Chair noted that the upgraded Mahara Gallery will be one of Waikanae’s “crown jewels” and that the Board is making a significant contribution to the cost. He advised the Board was keen to be involved in and work with the Mahara Gallery Trust Board.


(b)             Leave of Absence


Committee Resolution  2019/19

Moved:       Cr Jocelyn Prvanov

Seconder:  Ms Jill Griggs

That the Waikanae Community Board approves leave of absence for Mr Westbury from 6 – 24 January 2020 (inclusive).




Committee Resolution  2019/20

Moved:       Mr James Westbury

Seconder:  Ms Margaret Stevenson-Wright

That the Waikanae Community Board approves leave of absence for Cr Prvanov from 13 – 23 January 2020 (inclusive).



The Chair advised newly-elected Community Board members that they would be asked to provide dates for any upcoming leave of absence at every Board meeting.

(c)             Matters of an Urgent Nature (advice to be provided to the Chair prior to the commencement of the meeting)

Cr Prvanov referred to the Waimanu Lagoon Focus Group, noting that the Waikanae Community Board currently had no representative on that group. The Chair advised this would be requested when seeking nominations of Board members to external organisations.

(d)             Community Board Members’ Activities

The Chair requested that Board members submit a written report prior to each meeting, providing a brief description of the activities that have been undertaken since the last meeting. He then invited Board members to share any highlights:

·         Ms Griggs advised that she was keen to be involved in economic development

·         Mr Churchman will be talking to the Reikorangi business association to find out if they have any concerns the Community Board may be able to help with

·         Mr Westbury attended an event for the Cancer Society, who are raising funds for their property on Kapiti Road

·         Cr Prvanov attended the pre-dawn blessing and opening of Mahara Place, she advised that the Waikanae Gardening Circle have donated $500 towards refurbishment of the clock at Mahara Place, and last week she attended the Waikane River walkover.

·         Ms Stevenson-Wright advised it was her intent to truly represent each part of the community that collectively makes up Waikanae. She was also very interested in representing the Waikanae Community Board on the New Zealand Community Boards Executive Committe.


Committee Resolution  2019/21

Moved:       Cr Jocelyn Prvanov

Seconder:  Ms Jill Griggs

That the Waikanae Community Board puts forward Ms Stevenson-Wright’s name to be New Zealand Community Boards Executive Committee Zone representative.



·         Ms Griggs has participated in the induction programme for new Elected Members which the Council has prepared, and gave her thanks and appreciation for what has been provided. This comment was endorsed by Cr Prvanov.

6            Reports


MOVED (griggs/westbury)

That the Waikanae Community Board appoints to the Grants Allocation Subcommittee (Waste Levy Grants Programme) Board member Margaret Stevenson-Wright


MOVED (griggs/prvanov)

That the Waikanae Community Board appoints to the Pharazyn Reserve Focus Group, Board members Geoffrey Churchman and Margaret Stevenson-Wright



That the Waikanae Community Board appoints to the Waimanu Lagoon Focus Group Board member Jill Griggs




6.4         Community Board Remuneration 2019-2020


That the Waikanae Community Board notes the information on Board remuneration in the report ‘Community Board Remuneration 2019-2020’.





6.5         Waikanae Community Board - Draft Calendar of Meetings 2020


That the Waikanae Community Board adopts the schedule for its meetings in 2020 as set out in Attachment 1 of this report ‘Draft Calendar of Meetings 2020’.



6.6         Consideration of Applications for Funding

The Chair advised that the grant application from the Paraparaumu College – Tournament of Minds had been withdrawn, as they had successfully raised enough funds through their other fundraising activities. Cr Prvanov noted the team came second in the tournament, which was an outstanding result. The Chair requested a note of congratulations be sent to the team.

moved (prvanov/griggs)

That the Waikanae Community Board grants the Environmental Mentoring Group between Paraparaumu College and Waikanae School a Discretionary Fund grant of $500 to assist with the cost of providing sustainable stationery packs to Year 4 students at Waikanae School.



That the Waikanae Community Board grants the Combined Lions Club of Kapiti a Promotion Fund grant of $835.20 to assist with the cost of hiring the Waikanae Memorial Hall and sound system, for the Monster Lions Book Fair held on 19 October 2019. 



The Chair noted that although the Monster Lions Book Fair had already taken place, the Board has discretion to award funding retrospectively. The reason for the delay in this case was due to the timing of the local election and the appointment of Community Board members.



That the Waikanae Community Board grants the Discover Kapiti Heritage Group a Promotion Fund grant of $350  to assist with the cost of promoting a history and heritage event to be run over Wellington Anniversary weekend in January 2020.



7            Matters Under Action

The Chair noted that the report is taken as read, and asked Mr Jefferson to identify any items of note:

Future Waikanae Beach Vision and Action Plan – a hearing on Variation 2 to the KCDC Proposed District Plan is to be held in early 2020

Town Centres – Work at Mahara Place is essentially complete. Cr Prvanov asked about a second phase of work, on the two side alleys that lead from Mahara Place to the Marae. Mr Jefferson agreed to find out what work was being planned and the timeframe for that work.

The Chair requested a meeting be set up for Board members to meet with Mr Jefferson, Mr Sean Mallon (Group Manager Infrastructure Services) and Ms Michelle Parnell (Infrastructure Programme Delivery Manager) for an informal discussion about works planned for the area.

Waikanae Police Base – The Officer in Charge of the Kapiti Police Station, Snr Sgt Chanel Chapman, has advised that there are no plans to change the current policing model but while there may not be a physical police base in Waikanae, work is being done to increase police visibility in the area.

The Chair requested that Snr Sgt Chapman attend Community Board meetings on a quarterly basis, to outline their activities and plans around community safety.

Signage Audit – Staff will follow up with the report author who had indicated that further information would be available before the end of the calendar year. Board members requested a report be presented to the February 2020 meeting, providing an update. 

Assistance with application to Transpower’s community grant – it was agreed this item can be removed.

Parking in Waikanae – an update was recently circulated under separate cover and a report will be coming to the Community Board meeting in March 2020.

Waikanae Library Project – the Senior Leadership Team are attending a briefing tomorrow with the consultant who is looking at options within the town centre; Mr Jefferson will provide an update to Board members after the briefing. Mr Jefferson also explained the strategy planning that was currently underway for future library services. The Board requested that they be involved in those discussions.

State Highway 1 revocation – the Council is still waiting to hear from the NZ Transport Agency; he would seek an update from the Roading team in the new year.


 Mayor Gurunathan sought permission to speak, which the Chair granted. The Mayor noted that he had campaigned on empowering communities and looking at the powers that Community Boards have, and is looking forward to continuing those discussions. The Chair responded that he had been involved in conversations of this nature in the previous triennium, and suggested that the Mayor and Chief Executive could use the Waikanae Community Board to “test” how functional and effective those increased Community Board delegations might be.


The Chair thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed.


The Waikanae Community Board meeting closed at 9.46pm.